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FAQ - General

Here's a list of general questions you may ask:

  • Why do I have to use special Kapture flipchart pads?
    A special dot pattern printed on the pages allows the Kapture Digital Pen to track your handwriting. Because the dot pattern is virtually unnoticeable and the pads are comparably priced to plain pads, you don't have to buy two kinds of pads. Just start using Kapture pads for all your flipchart needs, with or without the Kapture system.
  • What computer specifications are required to use Kapture?
    PC running Windows® XP Service Pack 2, Vista™ or Windows® 7. Mac running OSX 10.5 or higher. Available USB 2.0 port. Internet connection for updates. Processor: 1.0 GHz processor minimum (2.5 GHz or higher recommended). RAM: 512 MB RAM minimum (1 GB recommended) Hard disk: 500MB of available space.
  • What file format is used for saving the flipchart images?
    By default, Kapture files are saved in their native .nobx format. They can also be exported in a jpg format and easily imported into other graphics programs and document formats, such as Word™ and PowerPoint™. You can also save them as pdf files.
  • Can we use multiple Kapture systems in our office at the same time?
    Yes. Part of the set-up process is synchronizing the Kapture Digital Pen to the USB Receiver. With different pens synced to different receivers, several Kapture Digital Flipcharts can be in use at once in the same facility.
  • How can I contact Quartet about my Kapture system?
    For technical support call:
    USA: 877-797-7862
    Canada: 877-797-7862
    Mexico: 55-1500 5700
  • Where can I download the user manual?
  • Where can I download the quick start guide?

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FAQ - System/Software

Here's a list of system/software questions you may ask:

  • Does Quartet Kapture™ work with DLP's or other devices that accept USB keys?
    No, it needs the software on the computer to work.
  • Is the Kapture system Mac and PC compatible?
    Yes. Both the hardware and software is compatible for PC's running Windows® XP SP2 / Vista™ / Windows or higher and Mac OSX 10.5 or higher.
  • I have lost/misplaced a pen, how do I delete it from the system?
    If you lose a pen that is synched to the system, it will still appear in pen management mode and will show as 'asleep'. To delete pens that are asleep, you will need to save any open files and press the red USB receiver button for 10 seconds. This can also be done through the file menu in the software. Doing this will delete ALL pens from the system, required pens can then be re-synched.
  • The icons keep turning red in the software...
    Record Icon The software is alerting you to take action. The record icon will turn red when the software is not in capture mode. The software will not record unless you activate the capture mode.
    Management Mode Icon The pen management mode icon turns red when: 1. no pens are paired to the system, 2. there is a low battery warning and not all items written on the page will be captured, or 3. you are attempting to write on paper not compatible with the Quartet Kapture system.
    Save Icon The save icon turns red when alerting you to name and save the file.
  • What does the warning icon mean in the pen management mode?
    Pen Warning The warning icon will appear when the pen is touched on a surface other than a Quartet Kapture™ flipchart pad or set up card. The paper warning will also make the pen management mode icon Management Mode Icon turn red. To clear this warning either click on the red pen management mode icon or on the warning icon itself. When the warning has cleared, a tick will appear in its place.
  • What are the system limitations?
    • 4 pens in session at any one time
    • 3 different pads at once - B, C & D
    • The pens must be within range of the USB receiver, 32ft/10m.
  • How do expand my Quartet Kapture™ system?
    Additional pens, pads and accessories are available to add to and expand your system. Go to the View All Products page for model numbers and pricing.
  • What easel can I use to display my flipchart?
    The flipchart pads fit on any standard easel, however from the Quartet selection of easels we highly recommend:

    Euro Premium Mobile Easel - EU2000TE
    Euro Premium Easel - EU1000TE
    Euro Easel - EU500E

    Or visit for details of our complete line of easels
  • How does the technology work?
    The pen works by recognizing a special non-repeating dot pattern that is printed on the paper. The non-repeating nature of the pattern means that the pen is able to determine which page of which pad is being written on, and where on the page the pen is.
    The end of the pen contains a camera that recognizes this unique pattern - this sends information of the pens location on the page to the USB receiver.
  • How do I find out which version of the Quartet Kapture™ software suite I am using?
    The version of the Quartet Kapture™ software installed is detailed on the help page. If new versions are available they will be shown here also.
  • What do you mean by the software will 'automatically update'?
    Automatic updates mean that the software will update the version of the software installed. The version currently installed and the latest available versions of the software can be seen by looking on the help page. If a newer version of the software is available then a prompt will be displayed indicating that there is a newer version available. This requires an internet connection.
  • I cannot download the Quartet Kapture™ software – my computer tells me I do not have administrative authority. What can I do?
    Please seek assistance to install the file from your IT administrator – this message means that you do not have authorization to install new software on your computer.
  • The software does not auto run on my computer…
    Auto running is set by the operating system and IT departments often turn this off to prevent viruses from installing off of USB keys. All you need to do is browse to the USB receiver - it appears as QuartetKapture in your Windows Explorer - and run the .exe file.
  • Diagonal lines keep appearing between the text and letters on my software screen even though I am not writing them on the digital flipchart pad. Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
    This can happen when the battery in the pen is low – what is happening is that the pen is missing a 'pen up' event i.e. pen does not recognize nib / camera lifted away from paper due to the low battery power. Installing a new battery will resolve the issue

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FAQ - Digital FlipChart

Here's a list of digital flipchart pad questions you may ask:

  • Can I capture more than one page at a time?
    Yes. In fact, every page of a 30-page Kapture Digital Flipchart Pad is printed with a unique dot pattern, so you can spread pages all around the room and the Kapture Software Suite will keep track of all of them. Plus, up to four people can be writing at once during the session.
  • Why do the pads have different letters?
    The Quartet Kapture™ system uses uniquely printed paper which the camera uses to recognize its location on the page. There are 90 individual sheets across the pad range, separated into pads B, C and D.

    It is possible to use 3 unique pads at the same time (B, C & D), but it is not possible to use 2 or more pads with the same letter during the same Kapture session (i.e. it is not possible to use two pad D's in one session because all pad D's are printed with the same pages and the system will overwrite or miss information if duplicate pages are used.) As each sheet of paper within pads B, C & D is individual, the system recognizes which sheet of which pad it is writing on. The Quartet Kapture™ software automatically opens a digital flipchart page on the computer when you start to write or draw on the physical flipchart page of a pad.
  • Why are the flipchart pad pages a grey/off white color?
    The reason the pages are not a brilliant white is due to the dot matrix printed on each individual page.
  • What are the dimensions of the flipchart pad? It's not the same size as others I have used before.
    The Quartet Kapture™ digital flipchart pad is a 'hybrid' sized flipchart pad which was created as a best fit for most easels across the Quartet range. It measures 23" x 33" inches or 58.4cm x 84 cm.

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FAQ - Digital Marker Pen

Here's a list of digital marker pen questions you may ask:

  • How much usage will you get from each pen?
    The Quartet Kapture™ Ink cartridges are designed to operate in exactly the same way as a standard dry-erase marker pen.
  • How many pens can be synched using the one USB receiver?
    Up to 7 pens can be synched to the USB receiver but you can only use 4 in any one session.
  • How do I turn the pen off?
    The pen will automatically switch off after a period of inactivity – approximately 2-3 minutes
  • The pen is asleep, how do I 'wake it up'?
    To turn the pen on, simply tap it on to the Quartet Kapture™ flipchart.
  • Will the pen work on other pads/paper?
    The pen can be used to write on other flipchart pads, but information will only be captured with Quartet Kapture™ Digital Flipchart Pads. Each page has an individual pattern and the camera in the Quartet Kapture™ Digital Pen recognizes this.
  • Will the pen work on a white board?
    Yes, the ink in the pen is dry-erase and can be used on a dry-erase board. Information will not capture unless the surface used is enabled with the pattern.
  • How do I see which pen is mine/which pen I am using?
    Within the pen management mode there is an 'identify' icon. Select this for each pen in turn. The LED on the pen will flash to identify the pen.
  • Do I need to re-synch the pens each time?
    Pens will remain synched to the USB receiver until they are manually deleted. As long as it is the same USB receiver and the same pen/pens, it will not be necessary to re-synch.
  • What type of batteries can I use?
    1 x AAA Alkaline battery (LR03) non-rechargeable
  • What do the lights on the digital pen mean?
    • Flashing Green: Indicates the pen is active, but not actively recording
    • Flashing Yellow: Indicates pen is not paired to the USB receiver
    • Flashing Red: Indicates that the pairing process with the USB receiver failed
    • Pulsing Red (repeats every 15 seconds): Low-battery indicator
    • Solid Red: Battery replacement critical
  • The text on my Kapture screen appears to be all joined up, why is this happening?
    This can be caused for two reasons: low battery power or the cartridge is inserted incorrectly. Replace the battery in the pen and check that the cartridge moves freely within the pen housing. Details of correct cartridge insertion can be found in the user manual included in the software

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FAQ - USB Receiver

Here's a list of usb receiver questions you may ask:

  • What do the LED lights on the USB receiver mean?
    The LED will flash through each color, red, blue, green, when the USB receiver is inserted into the USB port. It will flash green during the pairing process and it will remain solid red until the Quartet Kapture™ application has launched when launch is complete it will turn blue.

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FAQ - Editing Your Kapture Session

Here's a list of editing questions you may ask:

  • How do I add or subtract pages from my document?
    Use the "Add" or "Subtract" page buttons within the edit portion of the software suite. Pages are added at the end of the all pages captured during that session. To delete a page, locate and select the page from the thumbnail view. The page will appear in the main window – simply click the "subtract Page" icon to delete it.
  • How do I change the order of my captured pages before I create the PDF for email?
    First, you will need to add additional pages to your document. New pages are automatically added to the end of the document. Add as many pages that are needed to reorganize the document. Next, select all items on a page you wish to move using the selection tool. While items are selected, click on the "Cut" tool in the right-hand toolbar. Locate & select the blank page within your document. Click on the "Paste" tool in the right-hand toolbar, your information will now be located on the newly created page.
  • How do I select more than one item on a page to edit?
    Using the selection tool, click on a captured pen stroke to select it. The item will appear highlighted. To select an additional item, hold down the "Shift" key and click the item to select it. You can also click and drag a selection marquee around the items that you wish to select.
  • Once I have multiple object selected - how do I move them to a new location on the page?
    You must select and drag multiple items to the new location in a single action. Click and drag a selection marquee around the items you wish to relocate. Hold down the "Shift" key and click on a portion of the selected items. This will deselect a portion of the selected objects. Next, continue to hold down the "Shift" key and reselect this item by clicking and dragging the objects to the new location on the page in a single action.
  • Is there a "Group" function within the editing software?
    No, currently this feature is not available within the software suite.
  • How do I alter the size of captured images?
    Use the selection tool to select the items that you wish to increase or decrease in size. While the items are highlighted, choose the "Scale" tool from the toolbar. The selected items will be surrounded by a blue box. Place your curser over one of the box’s handles and stretch the image/box to the size that you desire. Click on the "Selection" tool and the selected items will change size.
  • Can I rotate a page to appear landscape?
    No, currently this feature is not available within the software suite. Can I rotate an image on a page?
  • Can I rotate an image on a page?
    Yes, use the "Selection" tool to select the items that you wish to rotate. While the items are highlighted, choose the "Rotation" tool from the toolbar. The selected items will be surrounded by a blue box. Place your curser over one of the box’s handles, click and drag to rotate the selected item to the desired position. Click on the "Selection" tool and the selected items will be rotated.
  • Can I change the color of a captured image?
    Yes, use the "Selection" tool to select the items that you wish to change color. While the items are highlighted, choose the "Color Palette" tool from the toolbar. Select the color of your choosing; click OK to close the palette window. Choose the "Selection" tool and click on a blank section of the captured page; your highlighted item will now change color.

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FAQ - Saving a Document

Here's a list of saving questions you may ask:

  • What format does the file save in?
    The file saves as a .nobx file. Before emailing the document to a colleague you can export it to a more commonly used file such as a JPEG or a PDF.
  • What format is the file when I send it to colleagues?
    If your colleagues have the Quartet Kapture™ software on their computer – they can receive it as a .nobx file. This will also allow them to amend the document.

    If your colleague does not have the Quartet Kapture™ software, you must export the document as directed in the manual and send it as a PDF of JPEG.

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